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Novalon Games helps indie game developers turn their dreams into reality. Submit your game ideas to us, and we’ll team up the best with programmers who can translate concepts from the whiteboard to the touchscreen.

Show Off Your Art

Every classic game has an iconic visual style. If you’ve got a talent for pixelated perfection, send us samples of your game artwork and we’ll select top submissions for inclusion in upcoming projects!

Upload Your Music 

Music is a critical component of modern video games. Upload your best digital tunes using our electronic tools, and we’ll help you share your work with top game developers looking for a fun, engaging soundtrack to their latest project.

Are you a Master of Code?

If you think you’ve got the coding skills to make game come alive, submit examples of your work and we can outfit you up with some of the hottest game designs around. Let us maximize your talent!

Create the Next Novalon Games Hit

Submit your ideas or get on a team to be a part of our indie projects!

Stop dreaming about what you could create and create it! We can help.

Get Discovered

Novalon Games is always on the lookout for rising talent. If you’ve got what it takes to create the next killer gaming app, we want to hear from you! Submit your ideas today, and you could take the first step toward a fun and rewarding new career.

Can You Code?

We want mad scientists! Novalon Games needs top-notch coding expertise to execute the ideas dreamed up by our creative team. If you’re looking for an opportunity to show the world what you can do, contact us now.

We Love Our Job

Novalon Games specializes in combining talents from all over the globe to create fun and unique indie games. If you have talents, ideas, and skills to offer, you could become a part of our team. Contact us and submit your ideas today.

Design Games

Put your ideas for a game into a storyboard and submit them. Even if you’re no expert with computers, we can connect you with some of the brightest developers around to help  make your ideas come to life. Submit now!

Your Ideas are Yours

If you have a great idea, we will bring you into the Novalon family and help you make something incredible. If your ideas aren’t what we are looking for, your ideas stay yours. Submitting an idea doesn’t mean giving it up.

Got Questions?

Novalon’s online submissions platform is something new and different in the gaming world. If you have any questions about how it works, feel free to ask us anything you want using our Contact Form so we can clear up any questions you may have.

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"Novalon Games knows there's a ton of awesome ideas and quality, creative people out there. We are just trying to make the connection between all of those people."

− Derek L

""If I can get Novalon to make a game out one my ideas, anybody can.""

− Colin B

"Novalon is a unique portal that allows developers, artists and musicians to create innovative mobile games with a business mindset to monetize fun!"

− Paul W