Novalon Games UI Art Contest!

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To celebrate the launch of the newest feature to the Novalon Games website, we have decided to hold a little contest. Much like our music contest last year, we are soliciting the community to come up with some awesome art to use in our partner’s game, Pac Ball.

The premise is simple. Use the submission form and select the “Art Samples” option. Mention in the additional comments section that you are submitting for review and consideration for the Novalon UI Art Contest. We will review your art submitted and select the art that we feel best represents the game. The winner of the contest will have the chance to be featured in the game and will get to work directly with Corv Studios, the developer of Pac Ball.

Submission tips: make sure you do your research on the game. You can download it here. Play the game for a bit if you haven’t already. Make sure your art matches the style and genre already illustrated in the Pac Ball game. Below you’ll find a rough draft of what we need.

IMG_20140404_211615 IMG_20140404_211701 IMG_20140404_211800


Indie Portal

Novalon and Obscene Interactive Launch Indie Development Portal!

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After months of hard work, OBJ Enterprises Inc., Obscene Interactive and Novalon Games are proud to announce the launch of their  groundbreaking new online game development portal.

The new portal was conceived as a resource for independent “indie” game developers, allowing them to upload, submit and share original video game art, music and gameplay ideas. Through its partners and game development brand Novalon Games, Obscene Interactive and its partners will provide publishing tools, monetization tips and development tutorials to assist indie game-creators in producing the next generation of fun and addictive gaming apps.

“We’re giving independent developers the resources they need to fully realize their talent,” said Paul. “The idea is to cultivate a network of cutting-edge developers and applications cross-compatible with both the iOS and Android markets.

“By adding our marketing expertise to the next crop of viral gaming apps, we plan to produce a steady stream of hit games that are as profitable as they are popular,” he added.

The new portal is a bold new step in Novalon and our parent companies growth strategy. As you can see, Novalon is already partnering with fledgling gaming studios to release hot new titles for smartphones and tablets.

We look forward to your input and working on upcoming and new titles to engage users across fun and educational games across a range of mobile devices.  Stay tuned team!

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Creature Tavern Video

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This is a working beta of our latest project, Creature Tavern. The sound is not finalized so we left it out. Keep in mind, all of this is subject to change before or after official release. If you have feedback, feel free to let us know here:


Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 10.05.03 AM

Novalon’s First Paid App!

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Novalon Games is proud to announce that we have a new game currently in closed, internal beta! This will be our first paid app, which means less in-game transactions!

Creature Tavern (working title) is a a real-time strategy and time-management game similar to the ever-popular “Diner Dash” series. The idea of the game is you serve the various characters that come into your establishment. Everything you do, order, and generate takes time. Obviously the characters will get inpatient after a bit and the idea is to earn as much money as possible while keeping the characters happy as they cycle through the store. Players will have to learn what each type of character likes to have and how patient they are before they start getting upset/leaving without paying. Doing well earns you currency that you can spend on bettering your diner and avatar. It also unlocks additional content.

Below you’ll see a screenshot, but that’s subject to change.


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